Daniel Catchpoole, PhD

Adjunct Faculty Member
Dr. Catchpoole is an Adjunct Member at cc-TDI.  He is also Head of Biospecimen Research Services at the Children’s Cancer Research Unit, Kids Research at The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Westmead, NSW as well as Adjunct Professor, School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University. Professor, Biomedical DataScience Lab, School of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and IT, The University of Technology Sydney, Sydney NSW.  Prof Catchpoole is expert in building the necessary frameworks essential for active translational research activity in cancer specifically involving tumour biospecimens. This includes experience of basic research into cell and molecular biology, knowledge of clinical pathways through medical institutions including the pathology departments practices, everyday management of biobanks and linkage to required clinical data, the generation of complex genomic and biomedical dataset by high-throughput technologies the high-end computational analysis of complex multi-dimensional data to draw out actionable knowledge which has clinical relevance. Through-out, he has full awareness of the ethical, regulatory and societal standards expected when using human tissue in research. He has directed translational research project where genomic profiling of paediatric tumours has led to the assessment of complex gene expression patterns that identify  at risk of treatment failure. This work has led to his current research developing a systems biology approach to the deep assessment of cancer patients which includes the implementation of the data-mining and visualization of complex multidimensional biomedical data derived from various high-throughput applications. His research details are available here.

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