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Mission In Motion

Techie teen from Winnipeg being remembered for cancer research efforts

Teen remembered for restoring donated computers to give processing power for cancer mapping and childhood cancer research on the World Community Grid.

In House Warrior Podcast Highlight - Luke's Song and the Tragedy of Pediatric Cancer

Tim Brown, a former Vice President and General Manager of biotechnology at Genentech and now a volunteer with Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about their personal journey with their son Luke, from fatal diagnosis to the historically slow efforts to find cures for pediatric cancers.

Calleigh explains the cc-TDI Junior Board

Calleigh details her plans for the cc-TDI junior board. 

DIPG Congressional Hearing

The importance of H. Res 114

In the News with Natali Marmion

Our sincere thanks to Natali Marmion and filmographer Judd Girard for this on-site interview about cc-TDI and our mission to make all childhood cancers universally survivable!

For Fun: Robert vs SciClone

Our sincere thanks to the anonymous donors who made this 200-fold increased speed of childhood cancer drug discovery possible!

For Fun: A Totally Tubular Grant Request (for ALSF)

At cc-TDI.org, we recently lucked into a $200,000+ robot for drug discovery: 300x faster than our best scientist! All we need to accelerate drug discovery is a new set of specialized microfluidics tubing! Thank you for considering this, ALSF!