Calleigh Germer

Junior Board Member & Junior Board Chairwoman Emeritus
Hello! My name is Calleigh Germer and I attend Tualatin High School. I am on 2 different dance teams and love learning ballet and contemporary. I play the viola in the orchestra, I am a vocalist on the worship team at my church and I also am on the leadership team at my church. Other than extracurricular activities I love math and science which is part of why I want to go into cancer research. When I was in 3rd grade my close friend Holly Bruno was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma a rare soft tissue cancer that lacks proper treatments. She was funny, sweet, brave, graceful, and one of the kindest people I have ever known. We had a great group of friends Chloey, Corinne, Dylan, Avery, Holly, and I and we were very close. Although we enjoyed our years with this amazing person, on March 30, 2018, Holly passed away. Only a few months before that I was introduced to cc-TDI and its amazing work. I have a growing passion to do research and made a promise to Holly that I would make being a part of research a lifelong goal. I have also started my own jewelry business where all profits go to cc-TDI called Cuties For a Cure Jewelry and last year we raised $1500 for childhood cancer research and I plan to continue and grow my business this year. I can’t wait to grow in my knowledge of cancer research and continue to raise awareness!

Other Team Members

Raj Bopardikar

Board of Directors Emeritus – Data Center Competitive Strategy, Intel