Wilms’ Tumor is a Very “Curable” Cancer….Right?

 Wilms’ tumor is the most common childhood kidney cancer and its treatment has largely been considered a great success.

  • The Good News:  Over 90% of these children are cured with the application of modern surgical techniques, radiotherapy, and chemotherapeutic regimes.
  • The Bad News:  However, for the 6-8% of Wilms’ patients with the anaplastic subtype of the disease, traditional treatments often fail despite increased intensities.

At cc-TDI, we are focusing on developing a more-effective drug combination for children with the anaplastic subtype of Wilms’ tumor.
 In order to cure the most common kidney cancer found in children once-and-for-all, we must focus on the high-risk subtypes (such as anaplastic disease) which are resistant to today’s therapies. By utilizing our unique “cancer math” approach, we are seeking to discover new disease targets and a more-effective drug combination for children with anaplastic Wilms’ tumor. Our current Wilms’ tumor study, The Functional Genomics of Wilms’ Tumor, is led by Andy Woods who is not only a budding cancer researcher, but also the father of an anaplastic Wilms’ tumor survivor. Andy brings the motivation of an impassioned dad to the lab every day, inspired to move forward much needed research for children like his daughter. Each September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, cc-TDI hopes to raise much needed awareness of childhood cancers but they can’t do that without your help.  Please donate to make childhood cancers like Wilms’ tumor curable!   A gift from you supports the research lab, our team of scientist and engineers who make curing cancer possible…. AND projects like the Functional Genomics of Wilms’ tumor Visit Us.  Be Inspired.  DONATE TODAY.  

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