We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Alexandria (Ali) as a new postdoctoral fellow working on childhood cancer and neuro-oncology projects.  Her background in neurodevelopment enhances our mission everyday!  In her own words,  “I first became interested in pediatric neuroscience research as an undergraduate at USC while studying biochemistry and music. Before going to graduate school, I continued working in research, first in a cancer lab and then in a developmental neurobiology lab. I combined these research interests in graduate school at OSHU, where my doctoral research focused on a particular transcription factor, which is known to be involved in numerous pediatric diseases and brain cancer, and understanding how the functions of this protein are controlled. After a brief sojourn in the world of intellectual property law, I’m excited to be back in research. I’m thrilled to be a part of the vibrant team at CC-TDI and to make tangible progress in the treatment of children’s cancers.”

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