Welcome to the Founder’s Circle: Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation

We are honored to welcome 501(c)(3) organization Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation to our Founding Circle of supporters. The $2,500 gift will help support cc-TDI’s search for new treatments for rare pediatric cancers, including Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). “Our partnership with cc-TDI is a direct reflection of trying to support a diverse group of organizations who are committed to making real progress in pediatric cancer research, so families in the future that are faced with the circumstances we were can experience a better outcome,” said Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation co-founder Steve Fleischaker. “We share a key value with Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation: a value of collaboration among scientists and parents in order to close the gap in curing rare childhood cancers,” said cc-TDI Scientific Director and interim Executive Director Charles Keller, MD. “Our team is honored to drive the search for a two-drug DIPG treatment in tribute to Natalie and her community.” Download the full press release. 

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