Welcome to the Founder's Circle: Braver Stronger Smarter


The Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute is proud to welcome Australia-based organization Braver Stronger Smarter, Inc. to our founding circle of supporters. In addition to making a $5,000 gift to directly fund research, the organization has created a Superhero Scientist Superdoll in honor of Dr. Charles Keller.


Braver Stronger Smarter was founded in December 2014 in honor of six-year-old Eva Wheatley, who died from metastatic embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma after a two-year, eight-month battle, which included amputation of her left arm. As part of Braver Stronger Smarter’s mission to increase awareness of childhood cancer within the community, the organization has established a Superdoll Project. The dolls are a focus for schools, businesses and other organizations to begin a conversation in their community on childhood cancer. Dr. Keller’s Superdoll can be viewed on Braver Stronger Smarter’s Superdoll site


“Braver Stronger Smarter Inc is committed to pursuing collaboration across international community, government, and research bodies as a fundamental requirement for accelerating potential treatments for high risk childhood cancers into the clinical setting,” said Braver Stronger Smarter Director Sharleigh Stevenson.


“To be supported so generously by Braver Stronger Smarter evokes deep gratitude; to be included as a Super Scientist among this cadre of researchers leaves me…a bit speechless! The greatest honor, though, is partnering with Braver Stronger Smarter in memory of Eva,” said cc-TDI Scientific Director and interim Executive Director Charles Keller, MD. “Joining forces with families to address childhood cancers like rhabdomyosarcoma is at the very core of our organization’s mission. We appreciate this vital partnership.”


Read the full press release.


[update April 4, 2015:  superdolls arrived in the lab. thank you, Sharleigh! ]


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