Levi Seed

Board of Directors

Levi is a Chef, Sommelier and a childhood cancer survivor.  After being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2008 at the age of 12, Levi spent much of his middle school and high school years undergoing chemotherapy. With hard work, a good attitude, and the drive to keep moving forward he graduated on time at the top of his class with the Presidential Award.  After graduation, Levi chose to follow his childhood dream of becoming a chef by pursuing a career in the culinary arts.  As a private chef and sommelier, Levi often gives back to the organizations that supported him during his cancer journey as well as organizations, like cc-TDI, who help other children with cancer to have a favorable outcome.

Levi’s focus as a board member of cc-TDI:

The special focus of my service for cc-TDI is to help create and curate outlets of fundraising through food and wine.  I strive to develop new ways of funding that are exciting. As a childhood cancer survivor, I want to help spread the word that cancer is real but there are ways together we can bring cures to the children most in need.

Other Team Members

Tommy Pham

Board of Directors Emeritus – Patent Technology Manager, Nike