Christina Luethe

Operations Director Emeritus

Christina is a self-described adventurer. After attending University of Maryland in Wurzburg, Germany, she returned to Oregon to obtain a BS in Social Science with a minor in Geology. Christina worked for 10 years at the International Animal Semen Bank, notably opening the first ever Canine Semen Cryogenics Bank in Gijon, Spain and in Trinidad. Christina’s roles included teaching and training veterinary clinics in surgical and non-surgical insemination procedures nation and world-wide.

Moving into an administrative leadership position, Christina interacted with multidisciplinary professionals in her role at the Classic Leadership Development Institute. “With a passion to move forward in the world to promote better unity in social and scientific advancements and change, I landed at cc-TDI and look forward to helping support a team of amazing scientists and engineers into a future of new therapies and scientific discoveries for children with cancer.”

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