Sarcoma Work Featured in Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies

Congratulations to our team members Cora and Noah whose article on CIC-rearranged sarcomas was published recently in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Molecular Case Studies as the cover article. In this report, Cora uncovered a potential drug target in CIC-rearranged sarcomas and other soft tissue sarcomas. Click here to view the article.

Contributors include cc-TDI team members Ken and intern Audrey. Collaborators include Sheri Spunt (Stanford), Erin Rudzinski (Seattle Children’s Hospital), Eugen Dhimolea (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and Shakti Ramkissoon (Foundation Medicine). Acknowledgements for materials or data include thanks to Mari Yohe (NCI), Jonathan Fletcher (Brigham & Women’s Hospital), Atiya Mansoor, Amit Sabnis and Alejandro Sweet-Cordero.

This project was funded by a crowdfunding campaign in honor of Ava Sentell,, as well as the Building Blocks to a Cure Program at cc-TDI,

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