Samuel’s Friday Spotlight!

Another great work week is wrapping up, and the weekend is in sight. To finish the week on a high note, we’re going to spotlight our Macy Easom Foundation Engineering Fellow: Samuel!

Before joining the cc-TDI staff, Samuel worked at John Deere and attended Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, OR. After finishing the prerequisite courses for Mechanical Engineering, Samuel then transferred to Portland State University to complete his degree.

Here in the lab, Samuel’s focus is on the pediatric liver cancer Hepatoblastoma, where his natural curiosity and innovation is on full display. One example of his creative approach is the testing of new drugs treating metastasis with quail eggs – something simpler, cheaper and faster than lab mice.

Samuel is a crucial part of the cc-TDI staff, not only for his innovative and creative solutions, but for also doubling as the lab handyman. Tweaking and repairing the machinery in the lab is a tough job, but one that Samuel juggles impressively well.

If you are interested in learning more about Samuel and Dina’s Hepatoblastoma Project or simply would like to follow along with their progress, their blog is updated weekly. Click here for a link to the blog.

Thank you, Samuel, for bringing creativity to work each day. Your passion and dedication to cancer research is inspiring. Your contributions have been vital to making all cancers universally survivable.

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