Recent NF-kB Pathway Study Published

We are excited to have a recent study published that benchmarks discovery compounds that turn off the NF-kB pathway in cancer. This was innovative study because many compounds are reported to turn off this pathway, but rarely do the compounds get compared side by side. 

In our study published at, we go further to define if NF-kB inhibitors have anti-cancer activity for an ependymoma brain tumor of childhood, which has a mutation related to the NF-kB pathway. We conclude that available inhibitors are “upstream” of the mutation and inactive in ependymoma (hence different drugs will need to be developed).   

Authors include cc-TDI team members Megan, Noah and Charles; cc-TDI alumni Ali and Naren; OmicsAutomation collaborator Melvin Lathara; UNC collaborator Bill Zuercher; and UC-Denver collaborators Nick Foreman, Andrew Donson and Vladimir Amani.  

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