“Pull for Cory Norton” Fundraiser

This past weekend, an event called “Pull for Cory Norton” was held to raise money and awareness for Epistelioid Sarcoma research. Cory Norton is a graduate of Big Bear High School and is now a San Bernardino County Fire Fighter. Cory was diagnosed with Elistelioid Sarcoma and was the center of the “Pull for Cory Norton” event. On Saturday morning, groups of 10 competed against each other to pull a fire engine with a rope a whopping 75 feet! Money from this event was graciously donated to our lab to further research of Epistelioid Sarcoma.

A huge shout-out to Beth Norton, mother of Cory Norton, for her continuous support to our lab!

Read more about the event with coverage from Mountain Reporter at http://mountainreporter.com/big-bear-fire-department-takes-the-win-at-the-pull-for-cory-event/?fbclid=IwAR2QBeEegJXEnVznJx-Cn1GybJ6D7vHWu9ubHC5jJB2foUQFMD1dt3MA8WY.

Learn more about Epithelioid Sarcoma at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26347853

If you also wish to donate, use this link: https://cc-tdi.kindful.com/honor-pages-2017/the-epithelioid-sarcoma-group-research-fund-

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