published: approach to NF-1 pilocytic astrocytomas

 Congratulations to summer intern, Cora, for her publication of “Challenges in Drug Discovery for Neurofibromatosis Type 1-Associated Low-Grade Glioma“.    Cora and our collaborators David Gutmann and Yuan Pan ask the question, how do you develop better treatments if cell lines and patient-derived xenograft mouse models do not yet exist?  Part of the answer is the powerful transgenic models Drs. Gutmann and Pan have developed – but a key to the best research is to partner with families to develop these cell lines and xenograft models.   This project and publication was sponsored by The Alexa Project, Phase I.  To learn about The Alexa Project, Phase IIvisit Lexy’s page.        [ above:  Lexy with lab intern, Emily, reading about the 3 Wishes program.  Lexy’s wishes for the children of Mars? Chase ice cream trucks everyday, Puppies!, No cancer allowed, and Lego contests 🙂  ]

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