Priority Review Voucher Summit

We are grateful to ExL Events and organizer, Zohaib, for inviting us to speak on two of the conference panels related to Pediatric Priority Review Vouchers (PPRVs).  In short, Vouchers motivate investors and pharmaceutical companies to invest in the development of new treatments for rare childhood diseases.      Thanks, too, for Cameron who suggested the … TOP 4 REASONS FOR PRIVATE EQUITY TO INVEST IN CHILDHOOD CANCER CURES (NEW DRUGS)  1. The opportunity to repurpose shelved pharma drugs and save zillions on the IND and phaseI/II data. 2. Trial costs via pediatric cooperative groups are a fraction of adult trial costs. 3. You can potentially receive drug approval from phase I/II data without needing costly and lengthy phase III trials. 4. You might get a $200-350M voucher as well (depending on PPRV renewal legislation).  Optional: Squishy good feelings about doing something noble.      

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