Postdoctoral Fellowship or Senior Scientist Position

Postdoctoral Fellowship or Senior Scientist Position

Portland, Oregon USA

Are you a PhD developmental biologist, biochemist, molecular biologist, biomedical engineer or stem cell biologist interested to change paradigms and outcomes for cancers of children, adolescents and young adults?

cc-TDI offers a mentored research experience for recent PhD graduates or senior scientists in a diverse, inclusive, team-based multidisciplinary setting of biologist and engineers, nestled in a facility with $9M in equipment and automation, rich in conditional mouse models, just minutes from the Portland-area medical center and Intel headquarters in the Silicon Forest. 

Your NIH R01-funded research project in developmental tumors of childhood (rhabdomyosarcoma and/or others) spanning basic science to clinical trial design could fundamentally change the way we think about and approach rare cancer biology and therapy development. 

about cc-TDI

Our approach has been to study childhood cancers in the context of development and postnatal regenerative biology.  Our team investigate bone & soft tissue sarcomas, brain tumors and other high-mortality solid tumors such as hepatoblastoma & Wilms’ tumor.  We are widely collaborative with both universities and pharma. Highlights of our research program include the first demonstration that many translocation-mediated oncogenes are not expressed at a constant level, but are expressed in a cell-cycle phase-specific manner (G2 in the case of Pax3:Foxo1 in the childhood muscle cancer rhabdomyosarcoma). We have also established that tumor-initiating mutations can be dispensable for tumor maintenance but are critically important for treatment resistance and tumor evolution through a process called checkpoint adaptation, which is borrowed by cancer cells from yeast. With respect to this type of paradigm shift, cell-of-origin studies conducted by our laboratory have been the most informative in the development of potential new therapies. Specifically, our Nature MedicinePLoS GeneticsGenes & Development and Science Signaling publications and our research have resulted in 3 national clinical trials for children with cancer. Join our dynamic team in making this impact through basic science and translational research!

Applicants can send their CV to Dr. Charles Keller at

Past Trainees now in Industry Leadership & Academics (and papers/trainee)

Tohru Hosoyama PhD, Section Chief, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Japan (7)

Koichi Nishijo PhD, Head of Japan Development at AbbVie, Japan (12)

Eri Taniguchi PhD, Associate Director, ImmunityBio, USA (5)

Monika Davare PhD, Associate Professor, Oregon Health & Science University, USA (4)

Guangheng Li MD PhD, Professor, Chief Surgeon and Director of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Shenzhen People’s Hospital, The First Affilliated Hospital of Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China (4)

Ken Kikuchi MD PhD, Faculty, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan (10)

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