Friends of the Lab: Intern Owen is heading to Brown University

cancer intern

Once you’ve been a summer intern here at cc-TDI, you are officially part of the lab family for life! And we are never more proud than when our interns share their accomplishments. Here’s what 2018 Summer Intern, Owen Wogmon, shared with us:

“As an intern at cc-TDI, I grew both as a person and an aspiring scientist. My pilot project was to run drug dose assays on hepatoblastoma cells and to statistically analyze the results, but I was also asked to do an array of minor tasks, including fixing the ice machine and searching for tumor cell samples. This diversity of activities is undoubtedly what made my time at cc-TDI so special: I was taught not only the fundamentals of standard lab procedures but also what it means to be part of a research team, which I’ve found to be invaluable.

With my cc-TDI internship experience, I was able to build a solid undergraduate application and, only five months after my internship, gain acceptance into Brown University. At Brown, I plan to follow the pre-medical track and to double-major in molecular biology and classics. Ultimately, I hope to become a pediatric oncologist and to meaningfully contribute to the fight against cancer.

I believe that the future of oncology research lies in artificial intelligence and its ability to efficiently analyze oncology research data. This has already been demonstrated by IBM’s ‘Watson Oncology’ application, and I can’t wait to see what more the future holds.”

Congratulations, Owen! We are so excited for you as you get ready to embark on a new adventure…. but don’t forget to enjoy your senior year first!

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