Today we bid farewell to Mattie, who has been with cc-TDI for two and a half years during which time she has become an invaluable member of our research team. She managed our animal genetics program and has led our SEF research development of a CD24-targeting ADC. During her time with us, Mattie was a contributing author on multiple papers and co-developed our single cell sequencing pipeline.

“Thank you to cc-TDI for the opportunity to help such amazing families and learn about pediatric cancer research. I want to recognize all the amazing people within cc-TDI that have assisted me along my journey thus far, as well as collaborators I have had the privilege to work with. A special thank you to the Rucker Collier Foundation for letting me be a part of their amazing mission.” – Mattie

Mattie’s enthusiasm for research, coupled with her determination to seek solutions to the most difficult challenges in this field, will be deeply missed at cc-TDI. However, we are so excited for her next chapter as she will begin her study of medicine at Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine later this summer!

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