I am a veterinarian by choice.  An expert cancer mom by necessity.  Our daughter, Carlin, was diagnosed with ETMR when she was two and a half.  Until a seizure and an MRI revealed a brain tumor, we had no idea Carlin was anything other than a bright, normal toddler. Our world was turned on end after learning that she was facing dismal odds for survival.  Carlin went through the most hellish chemotherapy, radiation and a year of chemo.  Carlin fought through it all with sass and a smile. We are fortunate to report that four years later she shows no sign of recurrence. Cancer, however, remains a dark cloud that still follows our family.  We are keenly aware that Carlin is an anomaly.

The vast majority of these children die within a year of diagnosis. Please join me in making a donation to cc-TDI to raise awareness, seek a cure for rare cancers and help children and families affected by childhood cancer.   A gift from you supports the research lab and their team of scientists and engineers who make curing cancer possible AND research projects like the TuTu Tough Research Project:  Cracking the Code to Curing Childhood ETMR Brain Tumors.  Each September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, cc-TDI hopes to raise much needed awareness of childhood cancers but they can’t do that without your help.  Please donate to make childhood cancers like ETMR universally curable!   Be Inspired.  DONATE TODAY.   Wendy Schofield  |  Cancer MomDonor, Advocate and Partner of Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute

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