Creating a Community of Innovation

cc-TDI welcomes new creative businesses to join our innovation zone.  Our wet-lab and office space also serves as a biotech/clean-tech/e-Health incubator zone for starting and mid-size companies.  Includes access to common laboratory equipment.  For lease information, contact Alexis ( or Charles (    



The cc-TDI incubator has is a complete BSL-2 research facility with equipment available including centrifuges & micro-centrifuges, water baths & heating blocks, shaker, rockers, scales, thermal cyclers including a Strategene Mx4000 real time pcr instrument, light microscopes (Leica PrimoVert system for cell culture; Zeiss dissecting stereo microscopes; Nikon Eclipse 80i light and fluorescence microscope), Thermo GenPure UV/UF water system, single and multi-channel pipettors, apparatus for DNA and protein electrophoresis, autoclave sterilizer, Class II A2 biosafety cabinet for tissue culture, +4C refrigerator, -20C freezer, -80C freezer, 20,000 sample capacity liquid nitrogen storage systems.  A backup power system supports key equipment.  



In addition to the basic laboratory equipment listed above, the following other major equipment are available:


· EpMotion 5075 automated, programmable pipetting system (96- and 394-well plate formats)· Biotek Synergy HT spectrophotometer (visible/UV, 96- and 394-well plate formats)· Wellmate automated pipetting system (96- and 394-well plate formats)· Nikon Eclipse 80i light and fluorescence microscope· Guava® easyCyte™ 8HT Flow Cytometry System (2-laser, 4-color detection)· Synthecon Rotary Cell Culture System (RCCS)· Cell Biosciences FlourChem Q Bio Multi Detection Imager (fluorescence/luminescence of gels)· Formlabs 3D printer (for custom tissue culture chambers)

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