Congressional Testimony on behalf of H.Res.114 and DIPG

Following is an excerpt from Dr. Charles Keller:

“For childhood cancer, the potential for giving back childhood in the form of durable cures with minimal side effects has never been greater. The humanitarian incentive is high, but we are not there yet.  We are at a plateau.  Every tool of science and engineering we might dream of is at our fingertips.  But while adult cancer research results in 12 or more drugs effective to extend or save the life of an adult with cancer each year, for children only 8 drugs have met this criteria since 1978. 12 every year for adults.  Only 8 for children in 42 years.”

This was part of Dr. Keller’s testimony before Congress.  H.Res.114 would bring awareness to DIPG research and development of MUCH-needed treatments. This amazing effort was spearheaded by Janet Demeter in honor of Jack, as well as the efforts of many other families. Charles’ complete testimony can be found at:

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