Celebrating Ally’s Legacy

In fond remembrance of Ally Anderson, we joyfully celebrate a life that, despite the challenges of pediatric cancer, radiated hope, love, and an unwavering spirit. From the age of 11, Ally embarked on a remarkable journey that saw her courageously navigate chemotherapy, radiation, and devastating relapses from Rhabdomyosarcoma. Yet, her story is not defined by the trials she faced but by the incredible hope and love she shared with all who knew her. 

Ally Anderson advocating at CureFest in Washington, DC.

Ally, a beacon of positivity, embraced the #morethan4 movement, and with boundless enthusiasm, shed light on the need for increased funding in pediatric cancer research. The reality is that children constitute nearly a quarter of the U.S. population, yet they statistically receive on average 4% of the federal cancer research budget. Ally’s willingness to advocate by sharing her story remains a powerful force, creating a legacy that will continue to inspire change and progress for future cancer fighters. 

Beyond her own journey, Ally served as a source of hope for fellow childhood cancer fighters. She passionately addressed the long-term mental effects with empathy and understanding. Her infectious spirit uplifted those around her, turning moments of struggle into opportunities for growth and connection. Though Ally is no longer physically with us, her legacy lives on, a testament to the enduring power of hope.  

As we navigate a future without Ally, we carry forward her torch—a torch symbolizing not only the challenges she overcame but the enduring belief in a brighter tomorrow for every child battling pediatric cancer. We believe that every child walking in Ally’s footsteps deserves a path brightly illuminated by hope, resilience, and endless possibilities. Echoing this sentiment, Ally’s mom Patty expressed, “Please continue doing what you all do for our children. I know cc-TDI will find a cure! I just know it! I wish Ally would be here to receive it.”  

And so, we continue our research fight against these desperately underserved cancers with unwavering determination, fueled by the hope and love that Ally so beautifully embodied.  As our research team continues to push the frontier on underserved cancers, we ask you to join us this year-end by investing in science-justified hope with a tax deductible donation. Your support offers critical funding, bringing us ever closer to making childhood cancer universally survivable.

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