cc-TDI Featured in Nature

Earlier this month cc-TDI was featured in the world-renowned science journal Nature and we wanted to recognize our community of supporters in helping us reach this important milestone. We encourage you to read the full article here.

This year, cc-TDI’s team has a lot to be proud of. With overwhelming support from Team Megan Bugg, initial funding of The Megan Bugg Global Rhabdomyosarcoma Lab at cc-TDI has been reached and a formal dedication will be made early next year. In 2021 we published 11 manuscripts, and in 2022 our 5th publication was just accepted last week (this is an important study on epithelioid sarcoma that you will hear about more soon).  That brings our peer-reviewed publications total to 56 in the past 7 years!  In addition, our team developed the world’s first SEF cell line and is in the process of depositing it at ATCC (The American Tissue Culture Collection) for world-wide researcher access. We launched a new research study focused on Myoepithelial Carcinoma (MEC) and are in the process of patenting key aspects of our quail egg CAM assay.

Erin Helms Instructing Intern Kate Gregory

This summer we look forward to hosting our first in-person Pediatric Cancer Nanocourse since the pandemic and are welcoming a large, talented group of student interns. They are working alongside our scientists and engineers on exciting approaches to drug development including immunotherapy studies for rhabdomyosarcoma, developing antibody drug conjugates (ADC’s) as novel therapies, and diving into PROTAC’s, new protein-degrader tool compounds which can potentially be used as therapeutics.

cc-TDI’s growing team, May 2022

Thanks to you, our work is just getting started. With a proven pipeline in place, cc-TDI has the ability to scale 5 drugs into clinical trials EACH YEAR. Your belief in our mission allows our team to continue developing treatment options for underserved cancers. We sincerely appreciate your support!

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