available now! iTunes song for Iris

Iris’ song is now available on iTunes It was Iris‘s greatest wish that less invasive treatments be found for childhood cancer.   for just $0.99 you can buy a special song in honor of Iris’ inconquerable spirit.   The song is called “Hope is in You” and it is by artist Ashley ArgotaHear Ashley’s message here.  The music video can also be seen here.      This is a great opportunity to spread awareness and raise funds for research at cc-TDI.  Though the song was written for Iris, it has timeless themes of hope and perseverance.   Please share with your friends and family and encourage them to also share.  Imagine the possibilities if we each get ten friends to buy the song and they continue to pass it on and encourage others to do the same! Our thanks to Iris’ mother, Deb, for making this possible.    To purchase & download the song, click here.     

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