Asthma Drug Could Help Treat Cancer!

I am studying the deadly childhood muscle cancer rhabdomyosarcoma (aRMS) in an effort to make safe new treatments available for children suffering from this disease. Our research lab is investigating a clinically available antibody which has already gained FDA approval for the treatment of asthma.  We are testing to see if this antibody can be used as a therapeutic agent to prevent metastases and new soft tissue engraftment in aRMS. Our previous work has shown that activated muscle satellite cells are responsible for tumor establishment at new anatomical sites.  In other words, we believe that these satellite cells facilitate metastasis (spread) of rhabdomysarcoma.  Currently, I am studying this RMS-satellite cell interaction in an attempt to discover the specific signaling pathway that mediates tumor progression and distant metastasis. Each September we hope to raise much needed awareness of childhood cancers but we can’t do that without your help.  Please donate to stop fatal childhood cancers!   Visit Us.  Be Inspired.  DONATE TODAY.    Megan M. Cleary  |  Senior Research ScientistChildren’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute

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