Mission Objective: 

Encourage and utilize collective “patient power” to accelerate research through collaboratively donating ASPS tumor tissue, enabling a large batch next generation genomic screen of Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma. The genomic landscape revealed will better direct the “spear” of targeted therapies for ASPS and create a foundational resource available to researchers. Think of a new map showing all of the potential ways for researchers to stop ASPS. Nearly every other cancer already has this established. Together we can illuminate the genomic landscape for ASPS!


How can I contribute to this research project?

Donating your own ASPS tumor tissue (or that of your child below age age 18) takes place through the CuRe-FAST program, a  cancer bio-banking registry at cc-TDI (Children’s Cancer Therapy development Institute) in Portland, Oregon. (This program is supported by the Sam Day Foundation, and capacity is augmented significantly by the Childhood Cancer Project.)  

Donating tissue samples (either stored from prior procedures or fresh from upcoming surgeries) has no cost to you and often no additional procedures are performed to you or your loved one. Privacy is protected as samples are de-identified and provided to scientists as only a number. Be rewarded by knowing you contributed to research and provided hope to other ASPS families that a cure can be achieved in our near future! While you will not receive the results from your specific data, your de-identified data will be shared with clinicians and scientists to find ASPS cures. For more information and to participate, please contact cc-TDI’s ASPS CuRe-FAST lead Kiyo at kiyo@cc-tdi.org

What happens next? 

After a simple enrollment process into the CuRe-FAST program, Kiyo will work with your hospital to collect the tissue samples. As patients like you contribute tissue towards this effort to ”kick ASPS”, the samples are received, processed, and carefully stored at cc-TDI. When the batch size of 20 -30 samples is reached, the tumors will be sent for DNA and RNA genomic sequencing. Partners such as the Manny Alvarez Foundation and 4Nathalie are helping to fund this cost. This critical data foundation will then be available to ASPS researchers driving us closer to a cure! 

If you are interested in learning more about the project or becoming a partner, please contact Nathan Traller at trallerna@gmail.com