Another week in the books – here’s to a very happy weekend ahead. What better way to end a full week than to share some progress from one of our own!

Megan has been an integral member of cc-TDI’s staff since 2016 and brings years of experience in muscle cell and molecular biology. Immediately before joining our team, Megan was mentored by Dr. Agarwal in the Druker Laboratory at the Knight Cancer Institute. Previously, she specialized in rhabdomyosarcoma under Dr. Charles Keller at OHSU for two years. Around our lab, she has again focused her attention on rhabdomyosarcoma – a muscle-related pediatric cancer – and is the resident mouse master. This expertise regarding murine models fuels her research interests – understanding the cell-of-origin and what influence it has on soft tissue sarcoma biology, and utilizing that knowledge to develop new treatments for this disease.

Megan is presently focused on repurposing an FDA approved drug that is used to treat atopic dermatitis. Pre-clinically, this drug has shown promise in preventing the metastatic ability of rhabdomyosarcoma. This month, she is investigating the role of cell-tumor cell signaling, to better understand why this drug is effective. We are tremendously excited to watch her progress on this project!

Outside of the lab, Megan enjoys hiking the Columbia River Gorge and spending time with her husband and daughter and tending her gardens when the weather allows.

Thank you, Megan for doing your part to make all cancers universally survivable – your presence and impact on cc-TDI is remarkable. We’re so thankful to you and all of your various contributions.

All of us at cc-TDI would like to thank everyone who attended last week’s open house – our community inspires us — not just yesterday or today, but everyday. Thank you for partnering with cc-TDI to make all cancers universally survivable!

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