A recap of Noah’s exciting progress!

Happy Friday from your friends at cc-TDI! We wanted to kick off the weekend with a (re)introduction of Noah and some of his recent progress.

cc-TDI’s staff boasts an impressive mix between biology and engineering backgrounds – Dr. Noah Berlow is the essential bridge between both worlds that helps propel cc-TDI forward in our goal of making a difference in childhood cancer research.

Before joining cc-TDI in 2015, Noah earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, where his graduate work addressed prediction and validation of computationally-informed 2-drug combinations for patients with sarcomas. Noah’s engineering background helps bring a different perspective to cancer research, where he has been an invaluable member of the team over the last two years.

He, his graduate mentor Dr. Ranadip Pal and Dr. Charles Keller, pioneered the “Cancer Math” method for designing personalized cancer therapy – therapy designed by integrating mathematics and biology, personalized to each individual patient. At cc-TDI, Noah is continuing to apply Cancer Math, and with support from the SuperSam Foundation and Casey Sentell’s Consano page, Noah has continued to create new avenues of innovation. With his knowledge that new perspectives and approaches are critical to advancements in research and treatments, Noah is keeping his foot on the gas in the search for a cure.

Thank you, Noah, for making a difference! cc-TDI wouldn’t be where it’s at today without your contributions.

We are so thankful for the continued support of cc-TDI – the support from the community makes our mission of making all childhood cancers universally survivable possible.

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