a culture of responsibility to the kids

a message shared by team member, Brian:  Here at cc-TDI we feel pressing urgency to serve children in need, and we take deep pride in our work. We consider even the smallest steps taken daily to be a path toward solving what we consider to be among humanity’s greatest challenges. That is, curing the deadliest of pediatric cancers.  The betterment of humankind is inextricably linked to the work we do here. We believe in our hearts that everyone on this big blue floating ball shares our dream- a world where everyone- especially kids- can live long, happy and fulfilling lives. Lives that enable us all to “pay it forward” to future generations.  Oftentimes in scientific literature we read and write about “drivers” of cancer. There is certainly no greater driver of disease (nor none more immediate or preventable) than climate change. a warming planet, altered oceans, a noticeably changed air quality and an ever-altering water supply abate our goals of health & wellness.      For scientists, data drives our decisions.  cc-TDI is committed to strong corporate responsibility and doing what we can as a group and as individuals to be world citizens attentive to climate change … whether that means a pedal commute, recycling, prudent supply purchasing in bundled, lower-carbon footprint orders, or other environmentally aware efforts in our daily pursuit to make ALL pediatric cancers universally survivable.

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