3 Wishes For Humanity: Shane, Chase & Ella

We asked the kids from our community who have been touched by cancer to share their three wishes for humanity. Their responses were beautiful. We channel this perspective, energy and strength each day into our work to make childhood cancer universally survivable.

Shane’s Wishes

  1. That the children never give up.
  2. Everyone works as a team.
  3. Treat everyone fairly, even the underdogs

Chase’s Wishes

  1. The kids may face difficulties and get frustrated, so my wish is that they remember they are still kids. They need to take time to play and get away from stress.
  2. The kids have support from their families.
  3. The kids remain kind to each other when problems come up, and they remain hopeful that their society will be successful.

Ella’s Wishes

  1. I wish for them to have love
  2. I wish for them to play
  3. I wish for them to have lots of flowers on their planet.
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