It was a fun, challenging and fruitful week for the attendees of the 2016 pediatric cancer biology Nanocourse at cc-TDI. Our thanks to the speakers (Drs. Yossi Landesman, Jim Geller, Jennifer Fox, Noah Berlow, Atiya Mansoor, Bernard Seguin, Roni Ziegler and David Drewry as well as Amber Bannon, Molly Lindquist, Rishi Rikhi, Jonathan Agin and Tommy Pham). We are especially grateful to the attendees Michael, Max, Navya, Raghu, Rohith, Janet, Kelly, Jessica, Mayukha, Miah, Michael, Nathan, Jennifer and Andy who worked so hard in creating the roadmaps for ASPS, anaplastic Wilm’s tumor, and metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma. what a week! thank you, all for what you’ve done as advocates for children whose lives are touched by these conditions.   Kudos to Emily, our student lab intern who directed the Nanocourse and made everything so seamless!    

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