Sharleigh Stevenson

Board of Directors

Sharleigh Stevenson is President of the Australian non-profit Braver Stronger Smarter Incorporated and has been a passionate childhood cancer advocate and research fundraiser since the 2014 death of her six-year-old daughter, Eva, from rhabdomyosarcoma. An avid supporter of ethical, transparent and accountable research and data sharing, she views dynamic approaches to research accessibility and inclusion of patients and carers as research partners to be pivotal in accelerating pathways to better treatments. From being a business owner, parent fighting for the life of her child to charity leader and health advocate she is focused on exploring new strategies to narrow research translation deficits and empower community research partners. Sharleigh wants to live in a world filled with innovative ideas and actions that accelerate cures for childhood cancers, books that come bundled with chocolate and wine and a forcefield for her keyboard that repels cats.

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