The ASPS/Xp11 RCC/PEComa Cancers Consortium: $465,000

A Collaborative effort to catapult treatment options for ASPS

The mission of the ASPS/Xp11 RCC/PEComa/EHE Cancers Consortium is to catapult the discovery of treatment options for these cancers that share common molecular features (e.g., TFE3 gene fusions). Our goal is to advance novel drug and drug combinations to clinical trial for these cancers.
We will be collaborating with DFCI, The University of Utah, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the University of Miami to achieve our mission of: creating a registry for ASPS, Xp11 RCC, PEComa and EHE patients and families, generating a shareable central resource (biorepository) for cell lines and mouse models, and using robotic drug screens to discover new therapeutics (drugs) to treat ASPS, Xp11 RCC, PEComa and EHE.